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September 6, 2023

How to Choose a Family Photographer | Darien

Have you ever come across a social media post asking for photographer recommendations and seen how many comments there are?! It’s overwhelming! Here are a few considerations to help you choose a family photographer to partner with for the long haul.

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Family Photographer Considerations:

  1. Photographic Style: Do you like their aesthetic? (Light and airy? Moody? Clean and true to life? Matte?) Does it match your vision for your session and how you want to use the photos? When you look at their photos, do you feel something? Do they offer the type of photography you are looking for (family, newborn, headshots, branding, events, etc)?
  1. Photographer Personality: You may be wondering how in the world you will figure out if you will jive with the photographer. Check out their about me page, Facebook and Instagram feeds, as well as their social media stories. It’s amazing what you can learn when you follow them for a bit. Check out their Facebook and Google Reviews to see what others have said. Many photographers also have client compliments/reviews on their websites, too.
  1. Investment & Inclusions: First, consider your budget to see if they fit in your range. If not, are you willing to save or stretch because you like their work? What do you want from the session: just digital images or the option to print through their professional lab? The option to purchase additional images beyond what is included? An In Person Ordering Session for High End Artwork? Do they provide styling and location guidance?

    PRO TIP: Professional photographers require a signed contract and some type of payment to officially book a spot. Space is limited—especially in the fall—so if you have your heart set on someone, definitely reach out ASAP and get officially booked!

Downers Grove Milestone Photographer

family photographer, milestone photographer, simple and clean milestone photos, baptism photos
  1. Insurance & Contracts: These are probably not the first things you think of when it comes to a session, but they are important nonetheless! These are both in place to protect you during your session. They’re a sign of professionalism.
  1. Questions: If you ask a question, how do they handle it? Do you feel cared for and respected? You definitely should! If they don’t respond right away, they may be working with other clients, spending time with their families, or maybe their reply went to your spam. If you don’t hear from them within 24–48 hours, feel free to reach back out. 

You will likely be able to find the answer to most of these questions on their site and if not, feel free to reach out. If you do reach out and decide not to hire them, just let them know you’ve decided to go another route. Photographers are all unique with their own style, their own approach, and why they became a photographer. 

Chicago Newborn Photographer

family photographer, newborn photographer, family of three, nursery photos, newborn photos, simple and clean newborn photos

Whether you are looking to update family photos, celebrate a milestone with your kiddos, welcome a new baby into the family or need some new headshots, I’d love to be considered as you choose your family photographer.

Family Photographer in Naperville | Greene Valley Forest Preserve

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