"A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset." -John Geiger

I'm so excited to meet your family and create authentic images of them together. My style is natural, approachable and true to life. When you look at photos of your family, you should be drawn to the same things you already love about your people!

When we arrive on site for your session, I want to welcome you as I would into my home. A few extra minutes getting to know each other goes a long way towards getting the best photos possible.

Hi, I'm Danielle!

authentic storyteller and professional child wrangler

Chicago Family & Newborn Photographer, enjoying life with my hubby and praying for the sound of little feet to fill our home someday

We're a good fit if...

you want joy-filled images

crave authenticity over perfection

you want to connect with your favorite people away from the hustle and bustle

spending intentional quality time together is a family value

you want to freeze time and share it with generations to come

Loving, encouraging and strengthening
 through the art of photography

Let's pick a date and time to get those family photos updated or celebrate a special milestone. Then you will have those memories when the unexpected, challenging moments in life come. 

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From my high school dark room to teaching then building a business...

Throughout my childhood, I was often the one having my photo taken but once in a while my mom, dad or grandpa would let me get behind the camera..

In high school, I took a photography class where I learned manual on film cameras and about how to use the darkroom to bring my images to life! I also had more rolls of film and disposable cameras than I can count!

Graduating in 2008 was not an ideal time to enter the education field...so I bought my first DSLR and thought I could always take photos if I couldn't find a job. I was fortunate enough to begin working in a school but didn't get rid of that camera just yet! 

In 2016, my life took a different route than planned and the only thing I have to remember season of life by are some photos. It this time that changed the trajectory of my life. Throughout the next 2 years, I found myself pursuing photography while nannying part time for a sweet little girl!

With a master's degree in Early Childhood Education and 27 years of experience working with little ones, I'm no stranger to the unpredictability of children in new situations! If you've ever done photos with someone who was not used to working with kids, you know why this is a huge bonus! Kids love me which helps me draw out their grins, giggles and personalities so I can capture their true selves.

My Story

I once peeled a banana with my toes... #youthgroupleaderfun

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Giordano's Stuffed: pepperoni and spinach, extra sauce


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