"A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset." -John Geiger

I'm so excited to meet your family and create authentic images of them together. My style is natural, approachable and true to life. When you look at photos of your family, you should be drawn to the same things you already love about your people!

With a master's degree in Early Childhood Education and years of experience working with little ones, I'm no stranger to the unpredictability of children in new situations! If you've ever done photos with someone who was not used to working with kids, you know why this is a huge bonus! Kids love me which helps me draw out their grins, giggles and personalities so I can capture their true selves.

When we arrive on site for your session, I want to welcome you as I would into my home. A few extra minutes getting to know each other goes a long way towards getting the best photos possible.

hey there momma

*Trigger Warning: Miscarriage Mentioned

When I lost my first pregnancy after trying for a while, I realized that I wanted more from my life. I knew that one of the only things I'd have to remember this baby by was a handful of photos from finding out to bump photos and the very last photo in my hallway before my doctor's appointment knowing that something wasn't right.

Have you ever had a moment so profound that it literally changed the trajectory of your life?
We never know when these moments will come so we want to freeze the moments we want to cherish before it's too late. 

After I spent some time grieving and healing, I decided to leave my current job (working with some sweet kiddos in a local preschool) to pursue photographing families just like yours...authentic, living lives that are truly full and pouring love into one another.

Lucky for me, one of my friends had just had a baby and needed part time care for her so I was able to work and begin the long journey to building my business...which I'm not sure is ever really complete, to be honest!

Loving, encouraging and strengthening
 through the art of photography

Let's pick a date and time to get those family photos updated or celebrate a special milestone. Then you will have those memories when the unexpected, challenging moments in life come. 

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