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October 2, 2018

What to Wear for Fall Family Photos | Danielle Hardesty Photography

You’ve booked a session with me, now it’s time to style your family! You might be thinking, ‘I am more comfortable in jeans, t-shirt and a messy bun, I have no idea what to wear’!

(If that’s the case, then we should definitely be friends because I live in this attire! You may even see me wearing it during your session because I’m always sneaking through the bushes, laying on the ground, standing on tree stumps and possibly even wading through water just to get the best shots for you!)

Never fret…because this is where I come in!

  1. First, take a deep breath (or two). You’ve got this!
  2. Then, visit my inspiration boards to see visual cues and keep reading below for some tips and tricks to pull it all together.
  3. Finally, send me a picture of all the outfits laid out together. I’m here to provide any guidance I can to help you bring your vision to life!

The fall is known for it’s warmth as the leaves change to various hues of red, yellow and orange. Use that as a starting point. Let’s compliment the natural canvas that’s been given to us.

  • Neutrals, including grey, denim, black, white, ivory and brown (in any shade) are important foundations to building and representing each person’s individual style.
  • Then let’s add in pops of color. Use olive green, burgundy or navy if you are feeling a little less adventurous. If you really want to add that pop add hues of yellow, orange or red.
  • Overall, have a mostly solids with a few patterns within these colors. Please avoid using any clothing with words, logos or characters to keep the focus on your beautiful family! You want to coordinate rather than match. Matching would be like everyone wearing denim bottoms and white tops. Corduroy is a great fabric to add subtle texture to the photos.
  • Don’t forget the shoes and the accessories. Shoes are often overlooked but those crocs or rain boots might kill the vibe you are going for. I know kids are picky so do your best and promise them as soon as it’s over, they can return to those favorite shoes! We might even have them put them on for one photo as long as they cooperate during the rest of the session. You can use accessories (jewelry and headbands/bows) to add a little pop of color if you prefer a more neutral overall palette.
  • Layering is encouraged and will allow you to add pops of color or minimize the impact of brighter colors.
  • Remember, these photos are meant to last for generations so you want to do your best to represent who you are.
  • Most importantly, choose items that each person in your family is comfortable wearing. If your significant other isn’t really a fan of red, then choose something they are comfortable in. If your little lady screams every time you try to get her to wear tights or a headband, then forego those for the sake of your sanity during your session (trust me, you’ll thank me later)!

It is strongly encouraged to start collecting your photo attire once your session is confirmed which means your contract and payment are in my hands! Delaying can cause extra stress on your right before your session. My goal is for you to be able to prepare and arrive to your session with as little stress as possible! Once you have decided on the family’s clothing, make sure they are not stained or torn then set them aside and don’t wear them again until your session.

I’m looking forward to our session and hope you are too! Haven’t booked your fall session yet? Don’t delay! Fill out our pre-booking form today!

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