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December 17, 2019

Welcome Little D! | Downers Grove Newborn Photographer

Snuggled in the soft, cozy sweater covering his mom’s arms or the strong, stable grip of his dad allowed this sweet newborn to feel calm and safe. The minute we tried to set him down or wrap him in something new, he felt unsettled but as soon as one of them embraced him, everything was okay. While these moments can be hard on new, sleep-deprived parents, it is this time of transition that they will remember forever especially if they are first time parents.

These parents love this little guy with so much emotion. Their hearts are filled with gratitude and they know that having a healthy baby is truly a blessing. I love how their love radiates through the classic, cozy and simple backdrop in their beautiful 100 year old home, a photographer’s dream with ample natural light, neutral walls and simple, intentional decor.

Thank you Fowler Family for allowing me to capture these photos and welcoming into you home with open arms and hearts. I can’t wait to watch little D grow up and inherit these same qualities.

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