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June 28, 2018

Restoration Photography with Kenneth Allen Company

If you have ever experienced the tragedy of losing your home to a fire, flood or other disaster, then you know the rebuilding process is much more than just replacing your things. It’s finding a new normal with this event as a part of your family’s story and learning more about your homeowner’s insurance policy than you ever thought you would! I have the privilege of working with Kenneth Allen Company to provide images of restorations locally. Personally, I know all too well what these families have experienced and hope I can capture their new normal.

Once your restoration is complete and you are ready to take photos of your newly renovated home, there are a few things that will help it show all of its great style!

1. Declutter- It is similar to putting your home on the market. You want the bare minimum on the counter tops in the kitchen. Put your reading glasses into the coffee table drawer. Put the laundry basket in a closet along with yesterday’s workout clothes from the bathroom floor.

2. Clean-Shine the sink, wipe down the counters, sweep the crumbs from this morning’s breakfast and make sure the dog’s water station has water only in the bowl.

Want even more specific steps to preparing your home for restoration photos or for a real estate listing photography session? You can download our Restoration Prep Guide and our Real Estate Photography Prep Guide HERE.

Ready to book your restoration or real estate listing photography session? Fill out our contact form to start the booking process!

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