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September 6, 2018

Preparing for a Maternity Session | Danielle Hardesty Photography

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Maternity Session
A Maternity Session Prep Guide

What is a maternity session?

This is a unique session designed to capture the moments before your family welcomes a new member. It creates memories for the whole family before the new arrival. Some families have had a long journey towards growing their family and this is a way to celebrate the blessing they have been given.

Where will this session take place?

~Sessions can take place in the great outdoors or in your home. Each location has a unique feel and both will yield amazing photos that capture this special time in your life!

What should I expect during the session?

~First, take a deep breath! We’re going to have fun!

~Upon my arrival, I will spend a few moments getting to know you even better than I have through emails. This is an especially important time for any little ones in the family to get to know me and get comfortable. With a background in everything child-related, I know this is a vital part of the process to ensure the best images for your family.

~I will give as much direction as is needed. Sometimes I will simply give a prompt and you can run with it. We will do some posed and some un-posed photos.

What if the kids don’t behave?

~It’s okay! Kids will be kids and if you can let me direct them, then it will go smoother. Children usually do better listening to one authoritative voice at a time.

~When they do a great job listening to me, ABSOLUTELY encourage them by saying something!

~We want to capture all their feelings, especially when their worlds are about to change more than they can even comprehend right now. We may get some shots where they just aren’t feeling happy and jolly and that’s ok. Sometimes those shots tell the best story!

What should we wear?

(That’s a great question!)

~For all of my sessions, I encourage the mom (or women) to choose their outfit first. What makes you feel like the best version of yourself? Children and men’s clothing compliment women’s clothing much easier than the other way around.

~I’ve created a Pinterest inspiration board just for personal styling. I’m happy to assist you with outfits. Feel free to send me photos of what you plan to wear and I can give suggestions for any changes that may help create the cohesive look that will help your photos turn out wonderfully! Keep in mind that colors for each season will vary and since maternity photos can take place any time of year.

Visit our board here.

~One other tip is to think about your home decor. What colors in photos would look best when you print and hang them in your home? (Blog post on why you need to do this coming soon.)

Ready to book your maternity session? Contact us right way and we’ll schedule it.

These sessions are best booked for 32-37 weeks to ensure comfort of the mom and that the session is completed in case the new arrival decides to make an early entrance.

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