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January 12, 2020

Planning Your Photography Needs in January | Chicagoland Photographer

You might be thinking you just wrapped up 2019, I’m not ready to think about my 2020 session(s). But…please start thinking about it now and here are three reasons why you should:

1. Important Events. Do you need a head shot because you will be looking for a new job? Have a graduate that you would love to gift a fun session to? Will someone be celebrating a milestone in your family? Will the entire extended family be together for a special occasion or will family be visiting from other places that don’t make it here often? By thinking through your year, you will be able to plan ahead and make your session planning less stressful. If you plan to have multiple sessions, then reasons #2 and #3 are even more important to think about!

2. Preferred Session Dates. By thinking about your session(s) now, you can contact your photographer to see if they are already booking for that date (or dates). This allows you to get it on the calendar and allows your photographer to provide the best client experience. Did you know that photographers have a variety of things they offer and plan for each client so that you can make the most of your experience? It’s true…I do!

3. Finances. Start withdrawing money monthly in cash and place in an envelope until you have saved the amount of the collection and any products you would like to invest in with your favorite local photographer. 😉 Simply take the collection amount and XX amount for additional digitals or prints and add them together. Divide that number by the number of months until your preferred session date and that is the amount to put away. Planning multiple sessions? Follow the same method! What a simple way to alleviate a tense discussion with your spouse or other family members, avoid a hit to the bank account all at once and it allows you to choose a collection instead of letting financial limitations choose the collection for you! I know that when I approach my hubby with a plan and how to get there in 6 months for something I’d like to do, it provides an opportunity for a respectful discussion and invites him to be a part of the planning process. I know I don’t like to feel the pressure when I hear about something last minute that might skew my monthly budget.

Those are the top three reasons why I highly recommend planning in advance when it comes to your photography needs for the year. Is there another reason I could add to the list? Comment below if so!

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