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January 31, 2019

Cold Weather Activities…Chiberia Day #2 | Danielle Hardesty Photography

Well, you have made it through the first day of #Chiberia2019 so let’s get through one more day! I’ve included many more than yesterday because the kids are probably very restless at this point!

Alrighty, here are today’s ideas so enjoy and don’t worry if you don’t have unlimited internet and have an outage currently because only 1 requires internet/cable!

For the kiddos:

1. Create from the recycle! Take out the recycle bin, glue, tape, scissors (age appropriately) and the stapler and let them create something whether it is a tower, a mode of transportation or an invention of their own. Worried about your table or whatever work surface, be sure to put down an old sheet or table cloth or something to protect it.

2. Donate clothes from the kids’ closets! With your kiddos, have them go through and find 5 pieces of clothing to donate (maybe more so in case one is sentimental to you, you can put it away for safe keeping). Find any clothes that don’t fit anymore and get ready to donate those as well unless you need to keep for another kiddo to wear, then put them in storage.

3. Use household items to create an obstacle course.

~Use painters tape to create a balance beam.

~Use plastic cups (kids cups or red solo..whatever you have) for kids to work on agility by placing them approximately one foot apart in a straight line.

~Have extra computer mouse pads or other flat items? (Maybe you even have the silicon “spots” that are used in preschools/sports programs.) Place them in a random pattern and have children hop from one to the next

~Maybe you have a play tunnel or maybe not, create a tunnel by using a box opened on both ends and on it’s side.

~Using painters tape, pieces of printer paper or a roll of shipping paper (like this), create an indoor hopscotch.

4. Build a fort and snuggle in with some good books (adults and kiddos alike). Take dining room chairs, sheets, couch cushions, etc and build a fort. Save those blankets to wrap up in and spend time reading.

5. Swim in the bath tub or take a bath. Most kids enjoy playing in the water in the tub….what better way to let them pass the time. Dump in ALL the bath toys and let them go to town.

6. Board game marathon. Have each child choose a game to play throughout the day!

7. Break out the PLAY-DOH! I know this feels like a death sentence but it will make their day!

8. Movie and popcorn party! Break out the popcorn maker and then choose a mutually agreeable movie from your personal collection, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc…

9. Write a letter to a friend or family member that lives far away. You can teach children how to write a letter, address an envelope, put postage on an envelope, etc…


10. Have a selfie/photo booth party! Use a curtain, sheet or fabric as a background (create your own if you have cardboard, poster board or wrapping paper. Dress up in fancy clothes, choose a decade to dress up from, wear your favorite pj’s or whatever floats your boat! Take a bunch of selfies or photos of the kiddos then create a digital collage or even better, print them out by ordering from or some other print lab and share with family and friends or put them in a collage frame.

For the adults:

1. Pull out your favorite cookbook(s) or open up Pinterest for some family friendly meals. Have the kiddos help pick recipes they would like to try. BONUS: If you have all the ingredients on hand for one of them…dinner planned!

2. Paint your nails.

3. Take a bubble bath.

4. Watch Sports Center.

5. Play a video game or game app.

6. Complete a house project you have been putting off.

7. Find 5 things to donate from your closet or around the house.

If you missed yesterday’s activities, be sure to check it out if you need more to get through today!

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